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Man Jumps to Death from Minnesota’s Tallest Building

August 7, 1996 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ A man went up to an American Express office on the 30th floor of Minnesota’s tallest building Tuesday, broke a window, smoked a cigarette and then jumped headfirst to his death.

Minutes earlier, he had told shoppers on the street that he going to commit suicide, and authorities were clearing the Crystal Court indoor mall when he crashed through its glass ceiling just after 11 a.m.

He has not been identified.

He used a 10-pound weight to break the 30th floor window of the 51-story IDS Center, police said. While office workers tried to calm him as he stood in the window frame, the man said he was distraught by financial problems.


Cory Cox, who works on the 34th floor of a building across the street, said the man casually smoked a cigarette before he kicked away some of the remaining pieces of glass and jumped.

The IDS tower, a city landmark built in 1972, is in the heart of downtown. Scenes from the Crystal Court were featured in the opening segment of the original Mary Tyler Moore TV series.