November 7, 2017

BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum done for the year as ‘Season of Injuries’ continues (Nov. 5)

I wouldn’t define the season as a “Season of Injuries”. That label deflects from the poor coaching. The inability to coach-up players to where the next player can step up and fill the vacancy.

Impactful injuries occur to every football team. Not a good excuse. Being honest with yourself and having a great attitude is more than half the battle of any challenge.

However, since it is only the 2nd year of this coaching staff, I think they get a “bye” for a couple more years before I start calling for heads to roll. — Talon Jensen

Provo council mulls wastewater plant conundrum (Nov. 6)

Ongoing research studies show that phosphorus from atmospheric wet/dry precipitation appears to be over 5 times more than all other P inputs to Utah Lake--and the total P loading to the lake appears to be more than 100 times the amount required to support all of the algae growth that occurs in Utah Lake--the balance is just harmless residue!

In much of Utah’s surface waters, phosphorus is naturally in abundance and additional amounts are of minor concern since phosphorus is usually not the algae growth factor that limits the growth--in Utah Lake it is almost certainly the natural cloudiness of the water. Therefore, it is absolutely futile to try to improve water quality by “controlling” phosphorus in much of Utah!--particularly in the valley-basin areas, and especially in the Great Basin along the Wasatch Front.

Likely the best solution to the dilemma is an immediate moratorium on State Division of Water Quality rules and plans for phosphorus removal at Utah POTWs (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) and all other public and private operations until future studies identify the specific waters where logical and rational P control/ removal programs show the costs would render commensurate water quality benefits. This would give Provo and other communities breathing room and time to carefully consider the options--probably with nutrient removal not required. This approach will very likely show that phosphorus removal would not improve water quality in most of the treatment plant receiving waters in Utah--and would ultimately avoid the waste of many billions of dollars of Utah citizen’s money. — GREATGP

John Curtis: 3rd Congressional District residents need substance, not sound bites (Oct. 30)

This says nothing. It gives no specifics. No substance. And, disappointingly, you have seemed far to eager to engage in sound-bite campaigning yourself. I helped you win the primary but have been very disappointed in your campaign since then. I was hopeful that we would be able to send a moderate, responsible voice to Washington but have little confidence that you will be willing to depart from the party-line--which has moved way too far to the right and doesn’t represent the real interests of Utah 3rd district voters (or anyone in America for that matter, aside from big money and corporations). — Rebecca de Schweinitz

Shame on John Curtis. This looks on the surface like John is trying to have his cake and eat it too by being wishy-washy about Trump without fully embracing or denouncing him. But it is actually far more insidious. He is making it as clear as possible and as explicit as possible that he is completely indifferent to Trump. He views him as an empty placeholder. — Brad Kramer