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Daredevil Pilot Secretly Weds In Nevada

June 6, 1991

HAMBURG, Germany (AP) _ Daredevil pilot Mathias Rust, convicted in April of stabbing a nurse who spurned his advances, was married recently in Reno, Nev.

Rust was married May 23 at the ″Heart of Reno″ chapel to Katarzyna Burdzy, 27, of Poland, said chapel Manager Roberta Monroe in Reno.

″We probably had about 20 people from Germany, the news, filming it. It was like a documentary almost,″ said Monroe.

The German newspaper Bild ran a story on the wedding Thursday. It did not provide any background on Burdzy or say where the couple met.

Rust was convicted April 19 of attempted manslaughter for stabbing a young nurse at a Hamburg hospital where they both worked. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison, but allowed to remain free while appealing the sentence.

Bild said that in a film of the couple’s 10-day honeymoon by the private German television network ″Premiere,″ Rust is seen gruffly ordering his wife to fetch his shoes. Later he berates her for eating a salad.

Burdzy was asked by the film crew why she married 23-year-old Rust.

″Because he needed someone. Urgently,″ she reportedly replied.

Bild said she won $60 at a Reno casino, but Rust demanded she hand it over.

″Lucky at games, unlucky in love,″ she was reported to have responded with resignation.

But Monroe said she saw no evidence the couple weren’t getting along.

″We had a ball with him. He was just real nice,″ she said.

Rust became a German folk hero in 1987 when he flew a borrowed plane through the Soviet Union’s air defenses and landing on Red Square. He spent more than a year in a Soviet prison for the feat.