Confront the ‘real reason’ racial inequality exists

August 28, 2017 GMT

OK, I’ve had it. I just heard on ABC News that a Chicago community leader wants to change the name of Washington Park in that city, and remove the statue of George Washington at the entrance, both because the Father of our Country was a slave holder.

I’d suggest the gentleman would do more to improve the lives of blacks in the Windy City, and elsewhere, if he’d spend his time getting the young people to stop having children while they’re still children and have no means of supporting their offspring. Oh, and he might work on stopping gang members from killing each other at historic rates.

Colin Powell and Ben Carson escaped the ghetto. I personally know a number of blacks who are doing quite well, thank you, but all of them got an education. None of them prospered because someone somewhere took down a statue.

If we’re ever going to eradicate racial inequality in this country we’ve got to admit the real reason it exists. I can guarantee you too many statues of former Confederate solders and slave owners isn’t it.

Gary Falkenthal