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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: Is Gabriel working with Negan?

November 19, 2017 GMT

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8: Is Gabriel working with Negan?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – “The Walking Dead” has a mole.

If you’re to believe the coward Gregory (more on that in a second), someone has been feeding the Saviors information about Rick’s plans.

Gregory said as much when he returned to the Hilltop two episodes ago. He admitted that he was going to tell Simon and Negan the community’s plan, but someone beat him to it.

Fast-forward the opening minutes of tonight’s episode (which has already been released online) and Simon all but confirms the existence of a spy.

So who is the spy? Fans have been speculating all week with guesses ranging from Daryl (Huh?) to Eugene or double agent Dwight. The reality is, there are only two options.

The first is that Gregory is full of it. This would contradict Simon’s attitude in the footage revealed for tonight’s “The Big Scary U.” Still, Simon is being cryptic and Gregory has been known to cover his own butt at all costs.

The other possibility, and the one looking most likely scenario, is that Father Gabriel has been feeding the Saviors information. There’s evidence to support this.

The previews for tonight’s episode, which finds Negan and Father Gabriel trapped in a room together, is interesting. Gabriel has a chance to shoot Negan, but doesn’t. Negan does attack Gabriel, but the two are later seen talking calmly.

The theory is that Gabriel flipped while the Scavengers were holding him hostage. Knowing Gabriel, he probably did it thinking he could save lives. Negan attacking Gabriel during tonight’s episode could show Negan’s anger that he didn’t get a warning about Rick attacking the Sanctuary.

This would be a surprising deviation from the comic book, but a welcomed one that would make Gabriel much more relevant...if it’s true.