Howard Schultz questions why Joe Biden accusations are coming up ‘all of a sudden’

April 5, 2019 GMT

Howard Schultz, ex-Starbucks CEO and independent presidential candidate, said Thursday he finds the timing “concerning” regarding allegations that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden had inappropriate displays of affection to women.

“The only thing I would ask is one question: Why is this coming up now? I’m not questioning the women on any level. But it’s concerning to me that all of a sudden, on the eve of whether he was going to announce or not, this is all of a sudden coming up. It’s concerning.”

Mr. Schultz added Mr. Biden, currently the front-runner for the Democratic nomination despite not having entered the race, can still run for president, saying it should be “up to voters.”

“I think this kind of behavior is certainly inconsistent with how to behave and how to respect women. And it’s concerning. However, the former vice president has served the country for 40 years,” he said.

Mr. Biden addressed the accusations in a video released Wednesday on Twitter, promising to be respectful of people’s personal space.

Mr. Schultz is currently toying with an independent run for president, worrying Democrats that he could pull enough moderates away from their party to allow another win by President Trump.