Hints from Heloise: Funding newlyweds’ trip

May 15, 2017 GMT

Dear Readers: Today’s Sound Off is about asking wedding guests to fund a couple’s honeymoon:

“Dear Heloise: I received an invitation to my former college roommate’s wedding, and it gave the website where they were registered. Turns out they’re asking people to give them money for their honeymoon instead of gifts. I have to admit, I was surprised. They specified that $150 to $300 per person/ couple would be an appropriate amount because they want to spend two weeks in Hawaii. I’ve never seen this sort of thing before, and I can’t say I like it, especially since they don’t have a house, an apartment or anything else that newlyweds need!” — Ava L., Meriden, Conn.

Ava, apparently asking people to financially donate to the honeymoon is something new. It’s nice to give a gift of cash at a wedding, but it’s not mandatory. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I had a pamphlet of yours with cake recipes, and I loved it! I think I made every cake recipe in the pamphlet, but unfortunately I loaned it out to a friend, who begged me to let her keep it. So, I’d like to order another one for me and one for my daughter. — Laura W., Hagerstown, Md.

Laura, thank you! My cake recipe pamphlet is one of the most requested. Just go to my website, www.Heloise.com, to order it, or send a stamped (70 cents), self-addressed, business-size envelope, along with $3, to: Heloise/ Cakes, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. If any of my readers have a favorite cake recipe they’d like to share with us, please send me a copy of the recipe, especially if there’s a story attached to it. — Heloise

Dear Readers:

Remember to cover your butter so it doesn’t absorb refrigerator odors.Butter should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than two weeks. If you need to keep it longer, freeze it.Anything labeled “tropical oils” usually is coconut or palm oil.The majority of nondairy creamers are made from coconut oil, which makes them high in saturated fats.

— Heloise

Dear Heloise: I always heard that you should put stones in the bottom of pots before plants go in so that the plants have better drainage. However, I live in an apartment and didn’t have any rocks or small stones, so I used plastic foam and layered the bottom of my potted plants. There’s also less weight on my patio this way, and the drainage is just as good as with stones. — Frances B., Tyler, Texas