Brenda Lucas: Community News for Saturday, Jan. 26

January 26, 2019

18TH BIRTHDAY: Margeaux Denning-Duke, daughter of Cindy and Jim Duke and granddaughter of Jean Denning, celebrated her 18th birthday Jan. 22. Here’s hoping her ‘cake and candles day’ was a super one with many fond memories added to her list.

SPEAKER: The Rev. Chris Bailey, campus minister for Marshall UKIRK since April 2017 and graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, speaks Sunday, Jan. 27, at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Bailey also spoke at the church Jan. 13.

UNCLE: Doffice Adkins, the only surviving sibling of my mother, had close calls of leaving this world in 2018 as he spent several weeks in the hospital. He can’t do what the ‘old gray mare used to,’ but does well for his age. Birthday greetings are offered as he celebrates his 85th birthday Saturday, Jan. 26. Here’s hoping this is his year of better health, love, happiness and continued memories.

RESTAURANTS: Charleston Restaurant Week is celebrated Monday-Saturday, Jan. 28-Feb. 2. Participants include Adelphia, Big Joe’s Bar and Grill, Celsius, Dem 2 Brothers & a Grill, Gonzoburger (new), Leonoro’s, Mi Cocina de Amor, Nawab and Tin Box BBQ (both new), all $25; and Berry Hills Country Club (new), Bistro at the Barge, Black Sheep Burritos & Brews, Bluegrass Kitchen, Bricks & Barrels, Bridge Road Bistro, Edgewood Country Club (new), Ichiban, Laury’s, Noah’s Restaurant & Lounge (new), Sam’s Uptown Cafe, Soho’s at Capitol Market, The Block, The Chop House, The Elements at Quarrier Diner (new), The Market, Tidewater Grill, all $35.

MEMORIAL: Karen S. Holland Lemaster of Kenova lost her husband, Ben, formerly of Louisa, Ky., eight years ago but is being remembered Saturday, Jan. 26, as it would have been his 68th birthday. Karen misses him every day. May she be comforted in knowing he is far better off in the home where there is no pain, suffering or disappointments.

BOOKS: Oddities, rarities and bargains book sale is offered from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 26, and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27, at Cicada Books, 604 14th St. W. Many books are $1. 30-year collection of cookbooks, craft, sewing and quilting books, romance, older children’s books and more are also available.

NOT FORGOTTEN: Charles Hatcher, long-time Huntington attorney and former prosecuting attorney, probably had forgotten more of the legal field than some would have ever retained. He passed away Jan. 27, 2012, at age 65 after battling cancer, but he is definitely not forgotten in my family. He always made me feel comfortable in consults or getting legal advice. There will never be another “Charlie Hatcher” in knowledge, care and leadership.

CELEBRATION: Black History Month Kickoff Event begins at 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31, at Marshall University Memorial Student Center, Room BE5. Carmen Mitzi Sinnott is keynote presenter of PBS broadcast solo play, “Snapshot.”

PROGRAM: WVU Cabell County Extension Service and The Wild Ramp continue the free Exploring Extension programs from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 2. Other programs are conducted March 2 and April 13. Contact 304-526-8458.

STORY: “YES: Meet Harriet Tubman,” story of one of America’s greatest heroes and abolitionists assisting more than 300 enslaved people make their way to freedom, begins at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 30, at Ashland’s Paramount Arts Center. The event is open to Pre-K through grade 5. Tickets are $6.

BELATED BIRTHDAYS: Joseph Boggess, Jan. 6; T.J. Caldwell, Peter Kelly, Nancy Figler, Kelly Spriggs-Kelley, Jim West, Marion White, Lisa Sheets, Chris Morris, Amy Nance, Darrell Lee Jackson, Susie Jones, Audy Perry, Deborah Moore, Carolyn Stoner.

Jan. 9; David Templeton, Phyllis Knapp, Alexandria Saunders, Scott Stevens, Nora Wood, Bill Bradley, Logan Hamilton, Jane Eschleman, Karen Mattschech, Ruth Sugonis, Louise “Weezie” Starr nears the 100 mark but short by four (96), Jim Shafer, Michael Fleshman hits the double six (66), Shelli Ross, Patty Blankenship, Careb Blake, Christa Blake, Chris Fizer, Jan. 10; Adelaide Madelly, Patrick Morgan, Scarlett O’Neal Smith, Amy Jarrell, Kim Jeffers, Phillip McComas, Brynlee McMullen, Johnnie Zornes, Lynn Jarrell, Mary Ellen Young still in the 60s at 68, Kent Powers spins the last of the 30s at 39, Andrew Mershon, Paul Becker, Sophia Wylie, Sandy Rupert, Danny Hughes, Karen Estep, M. Derek Morgan, Tia Rumbaugh, Samantha Pelfrey, Kay Hensley, Joanie Borders, Mary Dempsey, Annie Wright, Jan. 11; Emma Holdstock, Jan. 18; Ruby Young turned 84, Jan. 24.

LATE ANNIVERSARIES: Till and Genny Curry, Jan. 18; Willie and Patty Rose celebrated 54 years, Jan. 21.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Mary Tonnesen, Jamie Artrip, Karen Waller, Arlene Napier, Evelyn Scarberry, Mike Lucas, Stephanie Carter, Robert Reynolds, Harper Haney, Stephen McComas leaves the 40s behind for halfway to 100 (50), Coy Brennan Smith, Christie Marie Proctor turns 32, Bailey Nicole Swanson nears the end of the teens at 18, Robin Pool, Janet Clark, Millie DeVore, Max Crow III, Martha Thacker, Brenda Lyons, Bailey Swanson, John Bowie, Lara Lawson, Mandy Crawford, Don Jacobs, Scott Riedel, Dan Russell, Andy Wendel, Anthony Newby.

TODAY’S ANNIVERSARIES: Raymond and Johnna Aliff (1989), John and Nona Rimmer celebrate number 52.

SUNDAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Louise Jividen, Lisa Ghiz, Courtney Powers, Susan Stephens, Jessica Willis, Rachel Anderson, Richard Casey, Deborah Ward, Karen Boggess, David McGrayer, John Neville, Laura Stewart, Hunter Vance, Leigh Norris, Rena Vance, Henry Thomas.

SUNDAY’S ANNIVERSARIES: David and Katelyn Hannan celebrate their first year of marriage, Rick and Karen Treadway, Tim and Becky Landin.

CHUCKLE: When a man knocked on the door of Rich and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool, he was given a glass of water.

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