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Rep. Lombardo Questioned on Voting Record

November 23, 2017 GMT

I recently exposed state Rep. Marc Lombardo’s vote against funding Recovery High Schools proposal and he has publicly asserted that I did so as a vendetta because I supported his opponent in last year’s election.

Since he used the opioid epidemic as a platform to garner voter support, many Billerica residents were shocked by his record to not support the funding. However, Lombardo has a history of voting to cut vital services that relate to substance use disorder initiatives over the past two years.

Lombardo voted to cut $1.9 million to fund the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services last year; BSAS oversees licensing all treatment facilities statewide and produces policies and procedures for providing substance use treatment.

He voted for $6 million in reductions to homelessness and housing, $900,000 in cuts to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services, and $330,000 in cuts to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention .

Most recently, on Sept. 9, he voted to cut $1.1 million to the funding for Recovery High Schools, which was included in an Emergency Act of the Session laws of 2017. At the same time, a Billerica mother was asking for the School Committee’s help to transport her son to the Recovery High School in Beverly, because the superintendent of schools denied funding the transportation.

These votes are of his own volition and we have every right to question him on it.

Dina Favreau

North Billerica