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Thanks To Mullery, Yudichak For Their Assistance

January 5, 2019

Editor: On behalf of Larksville Council and Mayor Joseph Zawadski, we would like to thank State Sen. John Yudichak and State Rep. Gerald Mullery for their assistance in obtaining the funding needed to complete two important projects in Larksville Borough. There has been an ongoing sewer issue in the borough at View Estates off Mountain Road since the 1970s. It did not become a borough issue until we were notified within the last five years by the Department of Environmental Protection that the land owner did not have the resources to correct the problem. Larksville Borough was informed it was now our responsibility to correct the sewer issue. With the help of our local state leaders, we obtained multiple grants to offset the cost of this important project, which is nearing completion. With funding through a grant, we were able to pave Greenwave Boulevard this year. We were also able ti improve curbs and make the sidewalks handicapped accessible. Greenwave Boulevard is a major road in the borough and receives a lot of bus traffic for State Street Elementary School. Without the grants, we would have had to put the project off, or take out a loan to fund the project. Over the years, we have fostered a great working relationship with Sen. Yudichak and Rep. Mullery. In addition to the two projects noted above, Sen. Yudichak has worked with is on many important projects, such as our public works garage, salt shed, parks and recreation improvement and improvements to our Borough Building. Joseph Romanosky Chairman John J. Pekarovsky Vice Chairman Borough Council LARKSVILLE