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Big plans for Elgin

February 20, 2017 GMT

Mayor Payne.

It may already sound like my town of Elgin would be in for a great deal of torture, but I promise it will be just the opposite.

While others may see that Elgin is just a basket full of deplorables, I see the backbone of America hard at work. But like most backs, Elgin can have its few aches and pains. But like a chiropractor, Mayor Payne is here to work out the kinks.

First, I’m going to bring new jobs to Elgin and open the closed businesses. My two main priorities will be the old hotel and steak house, both on main street.

The hotel will become a cafe called Schön Essen, which means “lovely eating’ in German. The name is German because there is a very prominent German heritage in Elgin. It would be a charming, bright, pleasant cafe designed for the women in the community.


Don’t get me wrong, men are also welcome, but they will be expected to be neat and clean to enter the cafe, especially no “muddy” boots or dirty chore clothes.

The Schön Essen will be a place where they serve specialty coffee, cappuccino, tea and homemade meals. Dessert will always be offered because there will be fresh pastries, cakes and cookies to buy and take home. The women of Elgin are so kind and unique that I think they deserve a place where that reflects those qualities and they feel appreciated.

Secondly, I’m going to open the steak house. But I’m going to reopen it as the old bowling alley where friends and families can have fun together, while also implementing some good ol’ friendly competition. There will be a juke box so people can listen to music, as well as a concession stand. On special occasions there will be theme nights so people can come dressed up or just participate in the entertaining activities that are planned.

The basement of the bowling alley will be a ceramics/home goods store. It will be open in the daytime and people will be able to come in to paint ceramics and shop the locally made items. It could also be open by appointment for special get-togethers, like birthday parties.

Finally, I would pass an ordinance that ensures schools limit required extracurricular activities for the students during the summer. Teens no longer have a summer with all the school-related camps, weightlifting and open gyms. Any time put in by teens should be on their own time. I would like to see kids come back from summer feeling refreshed and ready to learn, not tired and burned out. If they want to go to camps, go into the gym to lift, or work on a jump shot, that’s great! But I want them to also have time to spend time with family and friends and experience what life has to offer.

As Elgin’s mayor, I will have people who will disagree with my ideas. I cannot make everyone happy, but I hope I can make the right decisions to better the community. As I said before, Elgin is already a wonderful place to live. It may have its bumps in the road, but there’s no place I’d rather call home.