Appeal of $4.6M award for parking lot needle prick continues

December 28, 2018

ANDERSON, S.C. (AP) — A $4.6 million verdict for a South Carolina woman after she was pricked by a needle in a Target parking lot is still in appeals.

Court records obtained by the Anderson Independent-Mail said Carla Garrison’s lawyer asked Target for $12,000 and the retail chain offered her $750.

Garrison says her 8-year-old daughter found the needle in the parking lot of a Target in Anderson in May 2014, and Garrison was pricked when she knocked it out of the child’s hand.

Garrison’s lawsuit says she tested negative for HIV and hepatitis, but the medication she took as a precaution against HIV caused her to become sick and her husband to miss work caring for her.

Target appealed the $4.6 million award in May 2017, but no decision has been made.


Information from: Anderson Independent-Mail, http://www.andersonsc.com