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Tuesday’s witnesses at O.J. Simpson civil trial

December 18, 1996 GMT

Witnesses called Tuesday during O.J. Simpson’s trial:

DR. MICHAEL BADEN: Former New York City coroner; said Simpson told him he cut left hand at his home before going to Chicago the night of killings; said Ronald Goldman could have remained on his feet struggling with his killer for two or three minutes after being stabbed in jugular vein; said he didn’t remember telling a national TV audience that Goldman remained standing for 10 minutes; after viewing film clip that refreshed his memory, he said difference between two, three and five minutes was inconsequential because it was still five to 10 minutes from first stab wound to death.


WILLIAM BLASINI JR.: Excerpts of criminal trial testimony read to jurors. Car parts buyer; said he visited yard where Simpson’s Ford Bronco impounded on June 21, 1994; said he was curious so he sat in both passenger and driver’s seats and did not see any blood inside; said he touched steering wheel and put fingers up to glass in two areas to check for fingerprint dust but did not find any; admitted Bronco was indoors, he didn’t have flashlight and didn’t closely examine Bronco paneling.

GILBERT AGUILAR: LAPD fingerprint expert. Said he analyzed 17 latent prints found at crime scene and none matched Simpson’s prints. Several were unidentified palm prints; said two belonged to Nicole Brown Simpson, one to her friend Faye Resnick, one to a police detective and one to a police photographer.

MICHAEL GLADDEN: Courier who saw Simpson at airport night of June 12, 1994, and stopped him for an autograph; showed jurors signature reading: ``O.J. Simpson. Peace to You″; said Simpson’s demeanor was ``nothing out of the ordinary″ and he noticed no cuts on his hand.

THOMAS TALLARINO: Brentwood resident and driver for Danny DeVito in 1994. Said he was roller-skating past Ms. Simpson’s condo before 9 p.m. on June 12, 1994, and saw a man with dark, slicked-back hair crouched in bushes; said he didn’t have a good enough view to identify him.

DANIEL GONZALEZ: Police officer; said he knocked on doors of crime scene neighbors, then went to Simpson’s place as backup; said at 5:20 a.m. on June 13, 1994, he saw detectives lead Arnelle Simpson from her cottage, show her Simpson’s Bronco, then inform her that her stepmother was dead; said he saw her collapse in tears.