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Baraboo photo shouldn’t be national news -- Eileen Frey

November 16, 2018 GMT

I saw the recent article about the Baraboo High School students who appear to be making the Nazi salute. I am dismayed on many levels.

I find it highly inappropriate for the newspaper to be publishing photos of these young men, most of whom would have been under the age of 18 when this photo was taken, when no investigation or wrongdoing has been established. Instead of shaming people, we need space to engage in discussion. This kind of press will not encourage these young folks to consider their actions. It will only create a divide or shame them, neither of which is productive.


These young folks were at their high school prom, not a Nazi rally. As a middle-aged person, I shudder to think of what would have happened if every inadvertent or stupid thing I did as a teenager ended up on social media or in the newspaper. Let the local school district and parents deal with this.

Eileen Frey, Madison