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Get to Know: Keegan Kennedy

February 25, 2019

Name: Keegan Kennedy

Age: 18

Education: Student-athlete at Anacortes High School

Hobbies: Baseball, tennis

What I wanted to be when I grew up: “A pilot. I thought that would be super-cool.”

Favorite subject in school: “Science. You learn the most new information, and the things you learn are the most relevant and truthful.”

Favorite thing about Skagit County: “It’s so small, between the schools you get great rivalries. The atmosphere when we play Burlington-Edison is crazy.”

Favorite entertainment: “I’m a big fan of comedy.”

Best game ever attended: “It’s usually district playoff games. When the band is playing so loud you can’t hear yourself think.”

On being a high-school super fan: “I always thought the student section wasn’t loud enough. If you embarrass yourself, the team plays better.”

Preparation for fandom: “I almost always paint my face. And when I do, it’s always purple.”