Number of harassment complaints on Maryland lawmakers due

January 10, 2020 GMT

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — An annual report on the number of sexual harassment complaints made against Maryland lawmakers is scheduled to be released.

The report is set to be released at a meeting of the Legislative Policy Committee on Friday. The committee sets policy for the General Assembly.

It will be the second time the report has been released.

In the first report released in late 2018, there were 11 sexual harassment complaints made against members of the Maryland General Assembly to the legislature’s human resources manager. The report doesn’t name the legislators. It also doesn’t specify if multiple complaints were made against one lawmaker.

The report records complaints from December to November. The upcoming report is expected to cover most of 2019.

The panel decided to compile the report in 2017 after a wave of allegations were made against prominent political, entertainment and media figures around the country, as well as in the wake of sexual misconduct concerns in statehouses around the country.