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Robert Licher: High water bills

May 30, 2018 GMT


I’m writing to you about my water bill. I know I’m not alone with sky high water bills. We need to have a town hall to address this situation — if any of the people running for office need a good issue to propel you into office, this is it. We the people are tired of getting beaten down with the highest water bills in the state. We aren’t going to take it anymore. So go to the City Council meetings and bring your water bill. My wife and I are the only people in the house, and we are bare minimum as far as water usage. We take a shower a day, water the yard every other day for 10 minutes, and we have a pool. do laundry on Saturdays, we don’t have a water softener or a dish washer. That’s it, and the mayor says “use less water.” I could just shut off the irrigation to the front yard and let everything die, like my neighbors did up the street. Now we look at a barren dirt yard. Not good for property values. My point is, what more can I cut?

We need to get a town hall going, and bring ideas about how to cut the city’s budget. We to restructure our debt again — we have some of the highest water bills in the state, and possibly the nation. Please call me at 928-230-2877 if you’re interested in helping get this started. The city wants more money to spend in Prop. 409. I say no more money if our water bills are going to be this high.

Robert Licher

Lake Havasu City