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President is example to the world -- Arif Ahmad

December 16, 2018 GMT

Young people from all over the globe look up to the American president. Years ago, growing up in Pakistan, I was one such youth.

How can presidents be so gracious to their opponents? With ease, they put the country before themselves. they translated their better ideals into larger world issues. They stood up in the face of tyranny, genocide and brutal dictators.

Presidents always showed grace, poise and reflection, and pushed for excellence and a better tomorrow.

No single living person or position on the planet is more influential than the American president, especially for the younger generations. Presidents shape the future of this world in more ways than we all realize.

But damage is being done to the office of the American presidency. America’s reputation is in a league of its own because of President Donald Trump. How much of this damage is salvageable, once America and the world are done with Trump, is yet to be known.

Long live the office of the American presidency, and may it continue to inspire with its example.

Arif Ahmad, Verona