Juveniles arrested in golf cart theft sentenced to clean resort’s carts

December 29, 2018 GMT

While most children are known to misbehave, sometimes grounding them isn’t enough.

Four children accused of stealing a golf cart from London Bridge Resort in October have been required by Mohave County’s Juvenile Court to clean the resort’s fleet of golf carts throughout January.

The theft allegedly took place Oct. 13, when the juveniles absconded with the vehicle.

They managed to elude police for more than a week before officers found them on Oct. 21 near the 100 block of London Bridge Road.

Officers conducted a traffic stop, where one of the juveniles was detained.


Three of the suspects allegedly fled the scene, but were later identified and located with the help of a video uploaded via social media, according to Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Tom Gray.

Two of the juveniles were 13 years old, and two were 14 years old, Gray said.

They were charged with felony counts of unlawful use of a means of transportation. According to London Bridge Resort General Manager and Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy, the suspects have been required by the Mohave County Juvenile Court to work off their debt to society at the scene of the crime, cleaning the resort’s fleet of 40 golf carts next month.

“Prosecutors asked us how much restitution for the golf cart would be,” Sheehy said. “We were willing to allow them to come down and work it off each day. They’ll be working here a few hours each day, cleaning all of the golf carts on our property. After January, they’ll notify the court that the work has been done.”

The allegedly stolen golf cart was recovered, with the only damage being a drained battery which has since been replaced, according to Sheehy.

“We’re willing to let them work it off rather than let them be charged with serious fines,” Sheehy said. “They’re young children and they made a foolish decision. Hopefully they’ll learn from it. This opportunity for them to work off their sentence may help them have more focus and better decision-making in the future.”

The names of the suspects were witheld by the Lake Havasu City Police Department.