Education officials warn parents to get ready for a tough testing transition

October 9, 2017 GMT

LINCOLN - Education officials are warning students and parents to prepare for a drop in test scores as the state implements new, tougher standards.

Nebraska Education Commissioner Matthew Blomstedt says the new standards have been adopted to better prepare students for all the transitions they will make throughout their educational career.

Blomstedt says the new education standards are tougher, which follow national trends in raising the bar.

“College and career readiness is kind of the new benchmark,” Blomstedt tells reporters during a news conference. “We don’t want Nebraska to be at some lower benchmark so we’re making sure that we’re keeping up with the expectations across the country as well.”

Blomstedt says the new standards should help prepare elementary schoolchildren for middle school, middle school students for high school, and high school students for college or vocational school. He understands though that there might be a bit of confusion when parents received new test results.

“It’s a tough transition and even though we’ve talked about it for a long period of time, even when we were working on the new, higher expectations around the standards, it doesn’t become real to folks until they get to see it on a test result,” according to Blomstedt.

Blomstedt says schools will be working with parents to explain the change.