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Inmate in state pen accused of ’12 slaying

April 24, 2019

When Zachery Allen Doan beat an 80-year-old woman in March 2014, doctors weren’t able to save one of her eyes. It had been pulverized. Her other eye had a detached retina and her nose had been split open.

Doan, 24, who is serving a 70-year sentence in Indiana State Prison for that beating and robbery, was charged Monday with the murder of J.R. Shimer II on New Year’s Eve 2012 at Antiques on Broadway.

Shimer, 58, was employed there and also had a booth at the store. He was discovered around 6 that night when one of the store’s antique dealers came in to pay rent and discovered him bludgeoned to death, lying on the floor.

According to court documents, after Doan killed Shimer, Doan told people what he’d done to “the old man,” and witnesses eventually spoke to detectives at the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Doan told one witness he got $11 that night, court documents said. 

Doan told police he asked Shimer for money and Shimer wouldn’t give it to him. He tried to reach in to the cash register and “the old man pushed him away,” the witness said.

After that, Doan pushed the old man down and started punching him. Then he got an object off the store’s wall and began to beat him. The object was like a stick with a rock attached to it, according to court documents.

Doan told one witness that “he could hear the man’s skull cracking” as he hit him. After pulling his hat down over his face, Doan hit the man once, he said, before dragging him to another area out of the way of store cameras, court documents said.

“Blood was flying everywhere,” the witness said Doan told him.

One woman told police the night of the killing Doan had wanted to go to the Roller Dome but didn’t have any money.

Later that evening, he showed up with money and was wearing different clothes, court documents said.

Doan started having nightmares about the homicide and told fellow inmates, documents said.

Confronted in prison about the murder by investigators, Doan laughed and said he never did anything like that, documents said.

Doan was charged Monday with two counts of murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.