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Summer shift: After 40-degree lows, summer weather on the way

May 15, 2019 GMT

Summer doesn’t technically start until June 21, but summer weather is arriving this week in the Triangle.

“I think we’re officially going to start summer this weekend,” meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said.

Wednesday morning was calm and cool, with a 10-degree range of temperatures throughout central North Carolina. Roxboro was 39 degrees, and Fayetteville was 51 degrees.

The Triangle was in the mid-40s.

While Wednesday’s high will be 73 degrees, Saturday’s high is expected to be 89 degrees.

“We see such big changes this time of year,” Gardner said. “We go from some very cool normal temperatures to some very warm normal temperatures as we get to the end of May and the beginning of June.”


A jet stream flow out of the northwest was helping keep cooler air in the area.

But a high-pressure system will move eastward and allow air from the south and southwest to move in, heating things up.

The week will be mostly clear with partly cloudy skies.

Wednesday night’s temperatures will dip into the low 50s. Thursday’s high is 81 degrees, and Friday’s high is 87 degrees.