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High bond revives unresponsive defendant

September 5, 2018

BRIDGEPORT - Adam Ramos appeared comatose as he was brought into court Wednesday.

Accused of beating and choking his girlfriend in a jealous rage and then fighting with police, the 45-year-old Ramos, in a fetal position, his left arm in a sling, was just about carried into the Golden Hill Street courtroom by two judicial marshals.

He sat before Superior Court Judge Tracy Lee Dayton, his head down on a small table in front of him. Told that Ramos spoke no English, a Spanish interpreter translated as the judge commented, “The allegations here are that the victim was viciously assaulted, strangled until she couldn’t breath and multiple officers were assaulted.”

Still Ramos showed no response.

But when the judge ordered Ramos held in lieu of $300,000 bond he suddenly straightened up and began yelling for his rights in English.

“I’m not waiving any speedy trial right,” he proclaimed, “I’m not waiving any rights. I want the record to show I want to exercise my constitutional rights.” He then began citing domestic violence statutes.

Police said on Tuesday they were waved down on Newfield Avenue by a 46-year-old woman screaming for help. Police said the woman had red marks around her throat and large bruises on her face and chest.

She told officers she had been taking a shower when Ramos grabbed her by the hair and began slamming her head against the bathroom wall. Police said Ramos then held the woman’s head under the water and choked her with his hands while telling her, “You need to die.”

Police said officers searched the apartment building and found Ramos hiding on the roof. He threw a glass bottle at them.

Police said it appeared that Ramos had near super-human strength as he threw officers around, punching and kicking them until more officers arrived on the scene and managed to get him on the ground and handcuff him.

One officer was taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises.