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New Milford Town Council improving park security

February 11, 2019 GMT

NEW MILFORD — The Town Council will consider spending $70,500 to upgrade park security at tonight’s meeting.

The money would come from the Landfill Settlement Fund and addresses some problems that were brought to light last summer at Lynn Deming Park. The meeting will be at 1 p.m. in Town Hall.

Town officials already made some adjustments last July after crowds packed the town park on Candlewood Lake on the Fourth of July, resulting in the police being called.

The biggest challenges are nonresidents parking on a side street and entering through the woods and residents shuttling multiple carloads of nonresidents into the park in a single day. But more signage, a fence, towing and another security officer or a park manager are expected to reduce the number of nonresidents, according to an earlier Town Council meeting.

The town already committed to towing vehicles parked on Candlewood Lake Road North. They also reminded the existing security guards about the rules so they could be better enforced the rest of the summer.

The park has 56 rules, spread out among four categories: admittance, use of the park and lakefront, vessels, and the diving board and swim dock. The rules were last revised in October 2016.

Some of the most important rules are that no alcohol or animals are allowed and a park pass is required.