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Cops Press Hunt For ‘Jesse James’ Of Dry Cleaners

April 14, 1986

DALLAS (AP) _ What Jesse James was to trains, James Dwight Pinson is to dry cleaners, police say.

A grand jury has indicted him on 14 counts of aggravated robbery, said Paul Macaluso, chief prosecutor with the district attorney’s office, but authorities suspect he may be responsible for robbing more than 100 laundries since November, sometimes as many as three a day.

Police spokesman Bob Shaw said the robbery spree began six days after Pinson, 38, was released on parole from a state prison, after serving two years for burglary.

″In the 13 years I have been here, off-hand I can’t recall anyone having any more indictments for aggravated robbery,″ Macaluso said.

Shaw agrees: ″What Jesse James was to robbing trains, Pinson is to robbing cleaners.″

Investigators believe the bandit strikes dry cleaners because they seldom have sophisticated security systems and their clerks are generally unarmed.

″We don’t know where he’s at, but we know where he’s been,″ said Dallas investigator Bill Hamby. ″I don’t know how he’s gotten by with it for so long with so many people looking for him. All that publicity, and we haven’t had a call - $6,000 (reward) for a phone call is pretty good money.″

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