Davenport police charge man in death of woman at protest

June 19, 2020 GMT

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Davenport police said Friday they had charged a man with murder in the death of a woman who was shot on May 31 as she got into her car to leave a protest.

Police charged Parker Belz, 21, of Davenport with first-degree murder in the death of Italia Marie Kelly, 22. She had joined in a protest over the death of George Floyd after getting off work at a restaurant but was getting in a vehicle to leave because the gathering outside a Walmart had turned unruly.

She died of a single shot in the back and was pronounced dead at a hospital.


Police said in an arrest affidavit that Belz acted with “premeditation, malice aforethought and intent” to kill Kelly.

Belz was held in the Scott County Jail.

In Iowa, a conviction of first-degree murder carries a mandatory term of life in prison.