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Volunteers sought for community network with Easton and Redding students

May 17, 2019 GMT

Easton, Redding and Region 9 schools are seeking community members to help students discover their passion about the real world of work as part of the Community Assets Network.

There are about 120 community members in the network now, representing a variety of fields. The assets have agreed to serve as mentors and guest speakers for the ER9 schools. Local residents with expertise in any career area, volunteer or professional, are urged to join the network.

Volunteers are able to introduce students to the workplace and introduce them to careers they might not have considered. They are also able to meet their neighbors, Thomas McMorran, superintendent for the three districts, and Gina Pin, Joel Barlow High School head of school, said in a press release.


“Whether you’re a parent or a non-parent resident of Easton or Redding, chances are your particular skill set is of value to one or more like-minded students,” McMorran said. “Every time we set up a career fair or program, volunteers tell us the satisfaction they feel is a reward even greater than the benefit to the child.”

The CAN Task Force, led by Anne Kipp, a retired school administrator, includes school staff and community volunteers.

The task force plans to hold an informational forum in the fall for current and potential new members. To find out more about CAN and become an asset, visit the Joel Barlow High School Page, www.joelbarlowps.org, and search under Community.