Kansas city’s leaders want to move to 100% renewable energy

December 19, 2019 GMT

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — Leaders in Lawrence want to move the city and its residents toward getting 100% of their energy from renewable resources.

The Lawrence Journal World reports that the City Commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to direct city staff to draft an ordinance to achieve 100% renewable energy use and develop a plan for achieving that goal.

A city advisory board is recommending that Lawrence rely solely on renewable resources for its city government operations by 2025 and for the entire community to use renewable resources for all energy needs by 2050. About 10% of Lawrence residents voluntarily use renewable energy sources.

“We’ve done proclamations throughout the years, we’ve done plans, we’ve done whatever policy,” said Commissioner Lisa Larsen, a retired environmental geologist. “It’s time to put it to rest. And let’s do this.”

Advisory board Chairwoman Jackie Carroll responded that getting more people to use renewable sources was one way to achieve the goal, other options would include the city building its own wind or solar facilities and supplying the electricity to residents.