3CLogic Wins ServiceNow Knowledge18 CreatorCon Hackathon

May 15, 2018 GMT

ROCKVILLE, Md., May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud contact center software, today announced it has been named the overall winner of the ServiceNow® Knowledge18 CreatorCon Hackathon.

The 3CLogic “Team Vocalize” beat out 28 other teams competing against an eight-hour clock to show off the most creative applications built on the ServiceNow platform in a high-stakes development competition that took place last week at the ServiceNow Knowledge18 annual customer conference in Las Vegas.

The winning 3CLogic application showcased the power of speech transcription with artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform sentiment analysis and keyword listening to trigger rules and/or kick off workflows to translate the voice of the customer into actionable ServiceNow tasks.


The application solves a number of crucial challenges in today’s contact center landscape, including the ability to capture customer engagements for analysis to drive key insights into the quality of the interaction and allow for timely and proactive action when necessary. Additionally, it enables agents to improve responsiveness to exceed customer expectations, while giving supervisors an unbiased and real-time view of the emotion of clients being served. Lastly, the solution provides a valuable coaching platform for agent training and improvement.

3CLogic Team Vocalize, consisting of developers Raul Malhotra, Swati Malhotra, and Amar Singh, with executive sponsor Guillaume Seynhaeve, 3CLogic vice president of Marketing & Business Development, created the app leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technology, including Amazon Web Services Transcribe, Lamda and Comprehend, together with the 3CLogic cloud-based IVR solution and the ServiceNow platform.

“Organizations today lack complete visibility into the engagements which drive their everyday successes and challenges. With actionable data and sentiment insight, businesses can monitor and respond to clients proactively in an effort to exceed expectations, while constantly evaluating customer journey effectiveness,” said Seynhaeve. “Our open architecture and extensibility of both the 3CLogic and ServiceNow platform is paving the way for this combined technology to become ‘the new normal’ in the contact center.”


3CLogic, a ServiceNow Silver Technology Partner, was at the Knowledge18 show to demonstrate its new solution featuring native integration with the ServiceNow platform which unites voice to service action via one unified interface. 3CLogic-ServiceNow native integration is the latest milestone in the two companies’ successful partnership. To date, 3CLogic has deployed its solution within the ServiceNow user base across four continents.

About 3CLogic3CLogic is a leading cloud communication platform, offering a seamlessly integrated multichannel and Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) interface for today’s enterprise businesses. Designed to complement existing operational workflows and/or on-premise legacy systems, 3CLogic provides a unified 360-degree view to optimize and analyze client interactions for sales, customer support, or call center organizations. 3CLogic offers customers maximum choice and flexibility with a connect, hybrid or pure cloud solution while delivering market-leading security, scalability, system flexibility, and reliability. 3CLogic is government cloud capable, meeting Aisle 5-level requirements, and GDPR-ready. For more information, please visit www.3clogic.com or blog.3clogic.com.

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