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Congressional members should start working together to solve problems

May 9, 2019 GMT

I’m sure you heard our Congressional representatives say again and again, “What the American people want is………”. My question to them is simple: How come you know what we want, but are doing so little to solve the problems we want solved?

All Americans want to see Congress address: A decaying Infrastructure; our out-of-control debt; a broken Immigration system; quality, affordable health care; addressing the crime and poor education system in our inner cities; affordable higher education, etc.

As a voter in 2020 — regardless of which party you align with — you need to send a clear message to those running for Congress: “Stop blaming the other party for nothing getting done and work with the other party to start solving problems.”

If your candidate can’t tell you specifically what they are going to do differently “if elected” to work in a bipartisan way, then s/he doesn’t deserve your vote to be sent to Washington, DC.

Al E. Smith