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Kirby bar an off-the-beaten-path destination

January 30, 2018 GMT

Snapshot: OK, Patrick Swayze fans. Let’s get the references to that classic 1989 movie out of the way. A team of bouncers isn’t needed to maintain order at this Roadhouse in Kirby, and the bands don’t need a chicken wire cage to protect them from flying beer bottles. That being said, this is an establishment that feels more like you’re partying it up at your buddy Hank’s house rather than a full-fledged bar. And if you speed down FM 78 too quickly, it’s unlikely that the lone lighted arrow pointing into the parking lot will draw you in for a drink.

Who goes there: With the H-E-B and UPS distribution warehouse hubs in the area, big rig drivers will congregate for a happy hour that traditionally runs until 8 p.m. Locals and pool players will stream in for a cold one, too. Most afternoons and weekday evenings don’t get overly busy, though, so your bartender will be quick to refill your beverage without any lean time.

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Behind the bar: They love their whiskey at The Roadhouse Saloon, stocking 23 varieties. Themed specials play off the day of the week: Messed up Mondays, Tequila Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesdays … you get the picture. There’s a tap beer system hooked up, but none was operational during our visits. Guinness bottles often are on special for $3.50, which is a mighty bargain. Drinks are knocked down 50 cents during happy hour, but there’s always some sort of beer or well drink offered for $3 or less.

Munchies: Free pizza is brought in from time to time, and there’s a buffet table and slow cooker at the ready for impromptu potlucks. Otherwise, it’s a potato chips, popcorn and carry-in type of joint. Taqueria La Siberia De Monterrey is adjacent to the property for a Mexican food fix.

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Soundtrack: The Roadhouse Saloon books live music acts that may perform either inside the bar or in the front or backyard areas. Karaoke is a regular thing. Otherwise, it’s pay-for-play online tunes.

Fun and games: Two pool tables and three dart machines are scattered around the bar area, but it’s the lonely two-seat table with a chess board at the ready that catches your attention. Oh, the stories those games could tell. An oversize “Connect Four” game is additional freebie entertainment.

The skinny: A spacious spot with seating for 20 or more at the bar, The Roadhouse Saloon can make you feel like you are sipping on suds at a small-town watering hole rather than in the San Antonio sprawl.