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Barboursville mayor announces re-election bid

March 17, 2019 GMT

BARBOURSVILLE — Chris Tatum announced Friday he will seek a second term as mayor of Barboursville.

Tatum took office in 2015 after receiving 80 percent of the vote.

Tatum says since he took office, he has pursued an ambitious agenda of growth by way of development, both in attraction of business as well as quality of life for the residents of Barboursville.

“Barboursville has grown rapidly, and future development is already in the works with new businesses looking to call Barboursville home,” Tatum said in a news release announcing his re-election bid.

Tatum said there have been improvements to infrastructure, major expansion to recreational programming as well as additions to the village’s calendar of events and festivals.

He added that he is spearheading a plan for further development of Barboursville’s 700-plus-acre park to ensure its place as a major venue for competitive youth sports as well as first-class recreation.

“We are on the cusp of some exciting growth opportunities,” he said.

“We are working to create prosperity and security for Barboursville and its residents that the effects will be felt for long after my service to my hometown.”

Tatum says he wants to continue to achieve positive results for residents, the surrounding communities and visitors.

“Barboursville residents, our neighbors and visitors all know Barboursville’s reputation for taking pride in its facilities, its services and its people,” he said.

“First-class parks and recreation programming, dozens of new events, prompt and effective citizens services all in a safe, secure environment are what makes Barboursville ‘The Best Little Village in the State.’ The growth it is experiencing poises it to set the example for cities across the state for years to come.”

Before becoming mayor of Barboursville, Tatum was Cabell County manager.

The f iling period ends March 29 and the election is June 4.