Pothole or sinkhole, S. Philly crater yields $3.2M from city in bicyclist’s lawsuit

March 7, 2018

By Staff

During the trial, the city’s lawyer called it a pothole. Attorneys for Anthony Degliomini consistently called it a sinkhole. After all, what pothole measures 16 square feet, 6 inches deep, and is so treacherous it causes a bike rider to lurch over his handlebars and land on his head, losing teeth, sustaining multiple fractures and a significant spinal cord injury?

That’s what happened to the South Jersey resident during a charity bike ride three years ago, a Common Pleas Court jury was told. On Monday, the jury awarded Degliomini and his wife, Karen, $3.2 million.

Villari, Lentz and Lynam, LLC This sinkhole on Pattison Avenue near Citizens Bank Park caused Anthony Degliomini to crash his bike during charity bike ride May 17, 2015. A Philadelphia jury awarded him $3.2 million on Monday, March 5, 2018.

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