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CIA Quits Interviewing Middlebury Students for Jobs

October 18, 1989 GMT

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (AP) _ The CIA, weary of student protests, will no longer hold job interviews at Middlebury College, a CIA recruiter says.

″I will not come back on campus to do any more recruiting. I promise you that,″ Brian P. Peters, chief of the agency’s New England recruitment center, told 15 students Tuesday who staged a two-hour sit-in at Middlebury’s placement office.

More than 50 students, faculty members and townspeople demonstrated outside.

To end the sit-in, Peters, one of two recruiters conducting interviews, signed a paper drafted by the protesters agreeing he ″will not initiate interviews″ at the 1,600-student school.

″I can’t be speaking for the entire agency,″ he added. ″We could have a change of command tomorrow.″ But Peters said he would be in charge of recruiting in New England for three more years and would abide by the agreement.

Middlebury officials say they will now have to decide to what extent the college’s career counseling service will continue to help students who want to interview with the CIA.

The student protesters were demanding that the counseling office not act as a liaison between interested seniors and the CIA.

″It’s a fairly legitimate employment option for our students and there is by no means consensus on campus about this,″ Dean of Students Karl Lindholm said of the anit-CIA protest.

The protesters criticized the agency’s policy of not hiring homosexuals and charged that the CIA is morally corrupt.