Trump defends border tear gas use: Darcy cartoon

November 27, 2018

Trump defends border tear gas use: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- On the first Thanksgiving, Native Americans thankfully shared a meal with the caravan of Mayflower migrants, instead of tossing tear gas at them, like President Trump’s troops did to migrant asylum seekers during the 2018 Thanksgiving weekend.

Trump has gone from caging migrant kids to tear-gassing them.

The administration’s self-manufactured border crisis escalated when border security agents tossed tear gas at migrant men, women and children rushing to the border to apply for legal asylum.

Trump defended the use of tear gas when asked about images, like the viral photo taken by Reuters photojournalist Kim Kyung-Hoon, showing a mother clutching her two diaper-wearing daughters as they ran from the tear gas.

“First of all, the tear gas is a very minor form of tear gas itself. It’s very safe,” Trump claimed.   “But you really say, why is a parent running up into an area where the know tear gas is forming?  And it’s going to formed and they’re running up with a child,” Trump asked reporters, with his arms folded in the defensive position.

A “minor form of tear gas”?  Does Trump mean like candy-flavored vaping?   The head of U.S. Border Security said there is only one form of tear gas. 

Maria Meza, the mother in the Reuters’ photo, told NBC News the image makes her cry.  She said she wasn’t crossing the border illegally when the photo was taken, but trying to reach it to legally seek asylum.

Why is a mother and children there? Trump wondered to reporters.  Maria Meza and her children are there because they walked over a thousand miles, one child barefoot, the other in flip-flops, in a desperate attempt to flee violence in Central America only to be hit with Trump tear gas, indifference and re-election scheme.

Think about how dire the living conditions must be in Central America that mothers feel they have no other option but to walk with their children for over a thousand miles to the United States.

Americans who opposes the migrants march, should keep in mind that those migrants are fleeing drug gangs and narco-states that were created and still sustained by U.S. drug demand.    

Instead of troops, barbed wire and tear gas, what’s needed is more immigration Judges, asylum processors and ultimately true immigration reform.

The lack of a properly staffed system to process asylum seekers more quickly is by design of the Trump administration, specifically Trump immigration policy architect Stephen Miller.   

Trump and Miller really don’t want any asylum seekers or immigration at all. They’ve set upon a strategy to stymie both illegal and legal immigration.

Sending troops to the border and the use of tear gas isn’t really for border security, it’s to provide graphic, fear mongering images to bait the Trump base for the 2020 elections.

If Trump is really concerned with border security, how come the U.S. still doesn’t have an ambassador to Mexico?    

What is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doing to help address the issues in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala that are causing migrants to flee for their lives from those countries and walk a thousand miles to the U.S. border?

Trump has been criticized for not visiting troops in a combat zone.  A reader suggested he could do that by visiting the combat zone he created at the border where Trump troops are tear-gassing toddlers.

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