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10-pound ice chunk crashes through Havasu homeowner’s roof

April 28, 2019 GMT

A Havasu woman’s home stood for about 20 years, and with the arrival of Havasu’s blistering summer heat, ice was the last thing she expected – until a nearly 10-pound block of it fell through her roof.

“It sounded like a sonic boom in my garage,” said War Eagle Drive resident Sandy Ford. “My neighbor heard the sound and came over, then someone from the fire department showed up. When I went out, I was expecting to see that my hot water heater exploded … it was a chunk of ice that fell through the tile roof, through the ceiling and all the way to the ground.”

According to Ford, three airliners flew over Havasu yesterday, which was the city’s first 100-degree day of 2019. She believes one of those aircraft may have been to blame. Of several saving graces, Ford says, one is that the ice was clear — as opposed to the blue ice expelled from passenger liners’ chemical septic systems.


Ford has since boarded up her ceiling, and hopes to begin repairs on her home as soon as possible.

“A lot of people post about this online,” Ford said. “They say it’s a pretty common thing. I just need someone to repair the roof, drywall and the paint … I’m a little pissed this happened. It could have come down in my living room, or on top of me. I was lucky.”

Ford says she plans to personally pay for the damages to her home, and attempt to gain compensation from the airline company that may have been responsible.

Of the three airliners that Ford says passed over Havasu Thursday, one was traveling to New York City from Los Angeles. Aircraft flying from Los Angeles International Airport were been cause for concern to Southern California residents last October when similar ice falls occurred several times in the city of Eastvale, California, according to Las Vegas-based ABC 13.

This January, a similar incident occurred in the home of a Canadian man, when a block of ice fell through the roof of his Calgary home, landing within footsteps of his bed, according to Canada-based Global News.