Wondering what to do with your old Christmas trees?

December 25, 2018

There’s never been a lack of Christmas spirit in Lake Havasu City, with families decorating their homes each year with traditional Christmas trees. But even after the holiday is over, those trees still benefit Havasu residents in more ways than one.

According to Lake Havasu City Manager Jess Knudson, all Christmas tree disposal this year will be handled by Havasu’s Republic Waste Services. At Republic’s Havasu headquarters, Christmas trees will serve a more immediate purpose: Conserving space in Havasu’s landfill.

According to Republic Services General Manager Matt Kross, waste management workers will collect Christmas trees just as they would any other green waste. Such waste is used at Lake Havasu City’s landfill as an alternative to covering garbage with soil, which saves space, according to Kross.

“We’re required under law to cover trash at the landfill with a layer of dirt every night,” Kross said. “At Lake Havasu’s landfill, we’re permitted to use green waste as an alternative daily cover. Instead of covering our trash with dirt, we can use Christmas trees.”

Kross says using green waste – including not only Christmas trees but loose branches, trimmed grass or other plant material – is a much more preferable solution.

“We dug dirt out to create the landfill,” Kross said. “We don’t want to fill the landfill with more dirt. It creates layers of dirt, then trash, then dirt. By using green waste instead, we’re eliminating a layer of soil and conserving space in the landfill.”

According to Kross, Havasu residents who want to have their Christmas trees or other green waste collected should cut branches into lengths of no longer than four feet, and place them into their trash bins – not their recycle bins. Havasu residents can alternatively set such waste on the ground beside their trash bins, which waste workers will pick up by hand and place into garbage trucks. If a branch or tree proves too large, however, waste workers will schedule a “bulky waste” pickup on the Thursday following Christmas, and the Thursday following New Year’s Day.

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