North West isn’t allowed to wear lashes and dark lipstick

December 16, 2018 GMT

Kim Kardashian West has banned make-up obsessed daughter North from wearing eye lashes and dark lipstick.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star loves that her five-year-old daughter - whom she has with husband Kanye West - is into beauty, but she has set some “guidelines” when it comes to the products her little girl wears.

She said: “I already know North is into make-up for sure.

“She had friends over this weekend and some of her girlfriends came and they were just all in her room, giving themselves makeovers.

“I was like, OK, she’s really, really into make-up. When companies send makeup and I have a lot, I’ll give it to her.”


Recalling her late father Robert Kardashian’s rules for his daughters on wearing make-up, Kim told Refinery29: “I remember when I was 14, my dad for Christmas got me a make-up class.

“And I went to make-up school. He was like, ‘I don’t want you girls looking crazy. If you’re gonna wear make-up, I want you to learn to do it in the right way.’ “That was really helpful and I think I will take a cue from that. I’m definitely going to set guidelines.”

On what products she doesn’t want North - who is sister to Saint, three, and 10-month-old Chicago - wearing, she said: “I don’t think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick.

“It is a form of expression.

“So I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too.”

The 38-year-old reality star has her own cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, and previously revealed North is already looking set to follow in her mother’s beauty guru footsteps, as she already has a knack for “doing makeovers”.

She said: “I actually had to put her on our P.R. list and get her own set of makeup this time, because she destroys all of mine when she sees it, and then I can’t use it for myself. So, she definitely loves makeup. If she loves it enough, she can definitely take it over, whatever she wants to do [when] she is old enough, she can do.

“But her new favourite thing ever is...closing the door [to her room] with one of her friends or her dolls and doing makeovers. No one can see until the final look is done or she will freak out and cry. She loves a before and after.”

And although Kim has received criticism from some fans for letting North put make-up on at such a young age, she insists there’s no harm because the tot isn’t going outside with a “full face of make-up”.

She added: “I feel like my parents were a little bit more strict on me wearing makeup at that age. I had more play makeup that didn’t really work. So as long as we keep everything clean and don’t make too much of a mess on things, I’m fine with her expressing herself and having fun with it. It’s not like we are going out and she wants a full face of makeup. It is just at home and playing.”