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Bruce Warner: It’s not the wall, stupid

January 13, 2019

Editor: It’s about the presidential election in 2020! The Democrats covet the office of the presidency, and the powers that go with it, to the point that they have become completely overcome with delusional hatred for President Trump, who now occupies the office. Their hatred for him manifests itself in their behavior and attitude toward him in every respect. Their blind hatred of him has rendered them completely incapable of fairly negotiating anything with him including the border wall. The Democrats’ plan, for the next two years of Trump’s Presidency, is the complete obstruction of everything that President Trump wants or tries to accomplish for the American people including border safety. For the Democrats it is all about their winning the Presidential Election coming in 2020 without any regard whatsoever for what is good of the country.

Bruce Warner

Lake Havasu City

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