Lower taxes are the answer

November 8, 2016 GMT

Lower taxes are the answerI think columnist John Stoehr, while wanting to do the right thing on infrastructure, misses the big picture.The last thing Connecticut needs is another tax to persuade businesses not to move into Connecticut.Companies are moving and threatening to move unless they get big tax breaks — see Sikorsky.The way to improve infrastructure is not through another tax, but through job creation, which will bring in more revenues to use on infrastructure.Instead, taxes should be lowered for both companies and individuals to provide an incentive for companies to move to Connecticut.During the 1970’ and 80’s Connecticut had an expanding economy. There was lower corporate tax and no individual income tax.Many corporate offices were moving to Connecticut. Gov. Lowell Weicker stopped this when he instituted the income tax on individuals and upped the tax on companies.Getting Connecticut people to work instead of fleeing the state is the answer — as long as politicians don’t give away or steal the increase in revenue.Further, one of the things Connecticut should do when trying to improve infrastructure is to make certain that Connecticut companies and residents are giving a priority.In this way the tax revenues generated can be used on infrastructure and Connecticut maybe can keep some of the people and companies from fleeing the state.Sal BusciolanoFairfield