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Howe Springs firefighters rescue motorist trapped in Lynches River floodwaters

December 16, 2018 GMT

EFFINGHAM, S.C. -- One person was rescued Saturday evening after her car became stranded in floodwaters from the Lynches River.

Howe Springs firefighters responded about 6:50 p.m. to a report of a car struck in water on Fork Road.

Fork Road and Meadow Prong Road both commonly flood when the Lynches River rises, said Howe Spring Fire Chief William Dillon.

“The lady was just trying to get home,” Dillon said and had been driving in the water when it suddenly got deeper. “The water was very cold.”

Dillon said the water was about three-feet deep at the point her car stalled.


Firefighters responded to both ends of Fork Road -- Olanta Highway and Meadow Prong Road -- and launched their rescue from Meadow Prong Road.

Dillon said the department had its rescue boat on scene but it was quicker to use one of their larger, four-wheel-drive, vehicles to drive out, rescue her and get her to medics with Florence County EMS who staged at a nearby church. She was transported to a Florence area hospital to be checked out, Dillon said.

Florence County Public Works was called out to place barricades out to close off the flooded areas of the road.