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Orange fire officials remind residents of ‘live wire’ danger

August 19, 2018

ORANGE — After a recent call last weekend, Orange fire officials are reminding residents to treat all wires that have been knocked from poles as live wires.

Fire units responded to New Haven Avenue on Sunday, Aug. 12 for a report of wires down and burning.

After about an hour of the wires burning on the roadway, United Illuminating was about to shut the power off to the line that had fallen.

Fire crews emptied roughly a tank of water onto the burning asphalt and still weren’t able to cool it enough, officials said, adding “it even turned some of the asphalt and sand into glass.”

After this call, officials said they wanted to remind residents that “any lines you see that have fallen from the poles are to be treated as live wires.”

The fire from last Sunday burned a 12-foot line into the roadway.

“It could do much worse to someone who touches it or runs it over with their vehicle,” officials said.