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Robotics competition

March 18, 2019 GMT

While there are many extracurricular options for students at Crosby High School not many involve competitions with robots.

The Crosby Robotics team, named Alloy Obsession, competed in its first meet of the season, the district competition at Channelview High School on March 14-16.

The team sponsor/coach Angelique Pool, a member of the Crosby High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department, feels that the Robotics team gives kids great exposure to various aspects of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

The result of those efforts were on display as two alliances of three teams each tried to use their robots to load balls and panels onto a “spacecraft” (the event’s theme was deep space).


Crosby struggled through its first couple matches, though the alliance that it was on won two out of three matches.

“One of the things that kind of held us back is we didn’t get much time to practice, so you really don’t know how things will perform until you’re there under the stress,” Pool said.

The team had about 30 minutes between each match, during which time they were working furiously in the pit room down the hall from the gym which held the competition arena.

“In the pit you’ve got all your tools, so when you go out there and somebody bangs you up, you got come in here. You’ve got to check wires, You need to change your batteries. You need to make sure it’s going to turn on, make sure now wires came loose,” Pool said.

The team worked on issues with its robot’s bumper coming loose in between its second and third match of the day.

This is the team’s third year. It’s grown and is not at seven people, its largest yet, but Pool wants to increase the size of the group. Her plan to do that is to start creating a robotics club at the middle school, and eventually, elementary school, levels.

The organization First has levels of competition that range from kindergarten up to 12th grade.

Pool encourages interested students to reach out to her.

Alloy Obsession next competes at the regional competition at San Jacinto College in Pasadena on March 28-30.