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Police: Note alerted teacher to gun in student’s backpack

January 17, 2020 GMT

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice took a 13-year-old boy into custody after another student handed a teacher a note saying the teen claimed he was going to shoot people, and police found a handgun in his backpack.

An administrator and a teacher at Haut Gap Middle School on Johns Island told officers they found the weapon and ammunition in the student’s bag Wednesday after another student gave the science teacher a handwritten note saying the boy “said he was going to shoot us” and “has a gun and some bullets in his bookbag,” the teacher told police.

The officer found the handgun, a magazine with eight rounds in it and a second magazine with six rounds in it, inside the bag, a police report obtained by news outlets stated. Two other bullets were found inside the bag. The gun itself wasn’t loaded and didn’t have a round in the chamber, the report stated.

The boy told officers he took the gun from his cousin’s room because he wanted to show his friends, according to the report.

The student’s exact charges haven’t been given.