Morgan Yoney admitted to ICU

December 5, 2016 GMT

Doctors will soon be making a decision on whether to keep Morgan Yoney on the lung transplant list.The 22-year-old Spraggs woman was admitted to the transplant intensive care unit at UPMC Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh Saturday because her kidneys are functioning under 30 percent.“We just spoke with the doctor this morning,” Morgan’s mother, Tammy Yoney, said Monday. “She’s going to have to start dialysis. Being this sick is hard on the kidneys.“As a baby, Morgan was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder in which the lungs and digestive system are clogged with mucus, often resulting in liver and lung transplants. She had both in 2010, when she was 15, but three years later, discovered her body was rejecting the lungs.She’s been waiting for her second double-lung transplant for nearly two years.Tammy said if the doctors let her stay on the lung transplant list, and they get the phone call they’ve been waiting for, Morgan could get the operation. But that could mean that she’ll need a kidney transplant following the lung transplant.“We may need to find a kidney donor after she gets lungs,” Tammy said.If doctors take her off the list, her kidneys would have to improve before she could be reinstated.“It’s very scary,” Tammy said. “We’re just praying that they see the fight in her and allow her to stay on the list.“Tammy said Morgan is “pretty out of it” and “confused.”“She knows where she is, but I don’t think she realizes how sick she is,” Tammy said. “She told me that she’s scared. She’s thinking that her call might not come in time.“Morgan and her parents are “leaning on family, friends and God” right now, Tammy said, and trying to stay positive.They are continuing a campaign they started a few years ago to give out blankets to hospital patients at Christmastime.“A few years ago, Morgan spent Christmas in the adult hospital for the first time,” Tammy said. “It was different from Children’s Hospital because visitors don’t come on Christmas and family doesn’t come. Morgan decided she wanted to hand out blankets to the patients.“Tammy said that last year, people donated 147 “soft, fluffy blankets” to Morgan’s cause, and every Presbyterian hospital patient that they could get to on Christmas Day got a blanket.“This year, I think we’re going to exceed that,” Tammy said. “If we have too many, we’ll take them to homeless shelters.“Anyone interested in donating blankets to Morgan’s cause can drop off blankets to Tri-State Health Care Chiropractors, 20 Miller Lane, Waynesburg.