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Help put awesome candidates on ballot -- Michelle Dunphy

May 22, 2018 GMT

If you want to have choices on the ballot, you need to participate in the process.

Did you know that candidates have to get a certain number of signatures to even appear on the ballot? I’ve been out collecting signatures for my candidates, and many people I’ve spoken with have no idea this is part of the process. I get responses like, “I’ll vote for them, but I don’t sign anything,” or “Oh, I just thought they were automatically on the ballot.”

If we do not sign nomination forms, we won’t have candidates to choose from. Even if you’re not 100 percent certain who you’ll vote for, choose someone for each office (you can only nominate one candidate per office) and sign their nomination forms. If they don’t get enough signatures, they won’t be on the ballot -- so sign someone’s form. Choice is important.

Don’t know someone collecting signatures? You can print off a candidate’s form, sign it (and get your family and friends to sign it, too) and mail it in.

Participate in our democracy and let’s get awesome candidates to choose from on the ballot.

Michelle Dunphy, Madison