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World Record Claimed for Largest Paella Dish

June 28, 1987 GMT

MADRID, Spain (AP) _ The world’s largest plate of paella was prepared Sunday in a 36-foot-wide frying pan by cooks who combined 11,000 pounds of rice and seafood to make it into the record books.

The recipe for the Spanish dish included 104 gallons of olive oil; 1,760 pounds of squid; 1,100 pounds of prawns; 440 pounds of cod; 1,320 pounds of clams; 1,100 pounds of tomatos; 660 pounds of peppers; 220 pounds of peas; 77 pounds of salt; 275 pounds of garlic; 275 pounds of onions; 5,500 pounds of rice; 1,820 gallons of water, and 19 cooks who worked five hours to prepare it.

The dish was prepared in the nearby town of Getafe for 30,000 people.

Felix Munoz Gomez, a Madrid notary public, certificated the world record for the Guiness World Book of Records.