Two Las Vegas residents arrested in suspected stolen vehicle

February 14, 2019

Lake Havasu City Police officers responded to the intersection of Wallapai Drive and Acoma Boulevard after receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle.

Police located the vehicle and contacted the driver, the report said, who was identified as Las Vegas resident Jonathan Floyd, 41. With Floyd were two passengers, including 38-year-old Angel Brueggemann, also of Las Vegas, and their juvenile son.

According to the report, Floyd said he and his companions were waiting in the area for a friend to answer his or her phone, because they did not have a place to stay. While Floyd was questioned, officers discovered his vehicle had been reported as stolen in Las Vegas.

Floyd and Brueggemann were ordered to exit the vehicle, and backup units were called to the scene.

The key in the vehicle’s ignition appeared to have been shaved down to fit the vehicle’s ignition lock, police said. A search of the vehicle allegedly yielded an open container of vodka in the vehicle’s center console, closest to where Brueggemann was seated. Also discovered was a quantity of suspected methamphetamine on the vehicle’s passenger seat and floorboard.

Brueggemann denied knowing Floyd’s vehicle was stolen when he brought her to Havasu, the report said. She allegedly told officers that she had two shots of vodka in the vehicle prior to police arrival, but said she was unaware of methamphetamine inside the vehicle. She also admitted to possessing marijuana in her backpack, located inside the vehicle. She said she did not know marijuana was illegal in Arizona.

Floyd declined to speak with police, although according to the report, saying only that Brueggemann did not know the vehicle was stolen, according to police.

Floyd was charged with theft of a means of transportation, and remains in custody at Mohave County Jail on $5,000 bond.

Brueggemann was charged with consuming liquor in a vehicle, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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