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May 8, 1990 GMT

WILSON, N.C. (AP) _ Wilson County may not seem like the fast lane but police say it did to actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

She was clocked at 90 mph Sunday afternoon on U.S. 264 - which has a speed limit of 55 mph, said Sgt. W.M. Gay of the state Highway Patrol.

The Oscar nominee, who played a sultry chanteuse in ″The Fabulous Baker Boys″ and a French temptress in ″Dangerous Liaisons,″ had to appear before a magistrate Sunday and post bail of $100.

She was in Wilson for the filming of ″Love Field,″ the story of a woman’s bus trip from Dallas to Washington to attend President Kennedy’s funeral. It takes it name from the Dallas airport where the president landed on the morning of the assassination.

Gay said Ms. Pfeiffer was driving a rented red Mitsubishi when trooper R.C. Smith turned on his blue lights. Wilson is in central North Carolina, east of Raleigh.


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Actor and filmmaker Robby Benson says he’ll give up his teaching job at the University of South Carolina if the community doesn’t appreciate his efforts.

Criticism of Benson’s $63,630 annual salary and his use of USC students to film a movie surfaced about the time of reports on school President James B. Holderman’s lavish spending habits during the last 1 1/2 years at the school.

″If people think that I’m doing a disservice rather than a service here, then definitely I want to take the effort - because it’s a sincere effort - elsewhere,″ said Benson, who has been artist-in-residence at the school’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences since 1988.

Benson said Monday he felt compelled to speak out since questions were raised about his filming here of the newly released movie, ″Modern Love,″ with the use of some of his students. He said he was particularly disturbed by a recent letter to a newspaper criticizing him.

Eighty-nine South Carolinians were hired to work on the movie, or four of five of all those hired, Benson said. Of those jobs, 39 were given to USC students and employees, he said.

Benson lives here with his wife, singer Karla DeVito, and their daughter, Lyric.


MILAN, Italy (AP) - Sylvester Stallone says the characters Rocky and Rambo he has made famous are very different from his own nature.

″I am afraid of being identified with Rambo or Rocky,″ Stallone said Monday.

But that’s not slowing sequel production. A new installment of Rocky, the fifth, is in the works and a fourth Rambo film is planned, Stallone said.

Stallone unveiled his plans while attending a television awards ceremony. Stallone said the next installment of Rambo will deal with ecology ″which is the most important problem at the moment.″


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actress Victoria Principal filed suit against CBS, claiming the network breached a contract concerning a made-for-television movie in which she starred.

She alleges CBS failed to honor a promise to pay her production company $300,000 if the network decided not to make a weekly series out of the movie ″Sparks.″

″CBS breached the ‘Sparks’ agreement by failing and refusing to pay the liquidation fee despite its decision not to order any episodes of the series,″ according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court by attorney Ralph Loeb.

Susan Tick, publicity chief for CBS in Los Angeles, said she was not aware of the lawsuit and could not comment about it.

The TV movie, ″Sparks: The Price of Passion,″ aired on Feb. 25 and featured Miss Principal as the mayor of Albuquerque, N.M., at odds with real estate developers over growth of the city.


BURBANK, Calif. (AP) - Actor Billy Barty was ordered to pay $428 to a television show writer who claimed he wasn’t paid for creating several comedy sketches.

Burbank Municipal Court Commissioner Dennis H. Shanklin on Monday granted the award to Warren Taylor for sketches he wrote for ″Short Ribbs,″ which aired last year on KDOC-TV in Anaheim and is no longer in production.

Taylor already was paid $800 for his work on the show, including a satirical skit that featured Barty as a crooked judge.

In a similar small claims dispute two months ago, Barty was ordered to pay $1,300 to William Winckler, another writer on the show that featured midgits and dwarfs.

Taylor, Winckler and a third writer, Len Udes, told Shanklin they were guaranteed $100 for every script they wrote, even if they collaborated on sketches for the show.

Barty, who has starred in such films as ″Rumpelstiltskin″ and ″Willow″ argued the writers didn’t identify which scripts they authored and said it was impossible to determine who should be paid.