Overdose victim tasered, charged after attacking police, medics

August 20, 2018

MICHIGAN CITY — A man suspected of overdosing on heroin attacked police, firefighters and even the EMS medics treating him after he was brought back to consciousness Thursday, according to police.

And he wouldn’t stop until he was Tasered.

Matthew Allen Kelly, 31, of Michigan City; and Travis J. Wunderlin, 28, of Michigan City were both charged with felony unlawful possession of a syringe after officer Adam Brinkman responded to a call in the 3500 block of Franklin Street regarding four people slumped over in a vehicle.

Upon arrival, he found two males in the front seats, the passenger slumped over with his head in the lap of the driver, police said. An uncapped hypodermic needle was found on the floor board of the driver’s seat, while two were located at the feet of the passenger. They were all empty, according to the police report.

But the real problem didn’t start until after EMS and Michigan City Fire Department personnel arrived.

Wunderlin, the overdose victim, didn’t gain consciousness even after being administered a dose of NarCan, police said. So he was placed on a gurney and loaded into the ambulance, where he was given another dose of NarCan and woke up.

“Wunderlin began to sit up off the gurney and tried to kick and hit the medics and the firefighters that were in the back of the ambulance,” the report said.

Officer Brinkman reported pushing him back down in the gurney, but Wunderlin continued attacking. When Brinkman warned Wunderlin he’d be Tasered if he wouldn’t stop, Wunderlin lunged at Brinkman, attempting to grab his duty belt, the report said.

Brinkman Tasered him in the left side of his body. Wunderlin was then handcuffed. After he was cleared by doctors, he was transported to the Michigan City Police Department, where he also faced a warrant for probation violation for possession of a needle.

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